LaTeX style files and utilities

When I've got the time, I'll put in details of my LaTeX style file and utility packages. These include:
More verbatim-like environments, including boxed verbatim and numbered listings. This style file requires Rainer Schöpf's verbatim style file. It is mentioned in the LaTeX Companion, by Mittelbach, Samarin and Goosens.
A simple style file and font conversion utility for setting Chinese characters in TeX 3.0.
PBMtoPK, and PKtoPBM
Conversion utilities from portable bitmaps to TeX's PK font format.
Conversion utility from TeX's PK font format to X11's BDF font format.
Some utilities for generating virtual fonts.
A suite of utility programs for manipulating TeX's DVI output files.

Published articles

I have also published the following articles about TeX, LaTeX, and various utility programs:
Converting bitmaps to fonts, Baskerville, volume 1, number 1
This article describes PBMtoPK and PKtoPBM, for converting portable bitmap files into PK fonts which can be from TeX.
A script for building true sized fonts, Texline 13
An article about generating true-sized Computer Modern fonts using John Sauter's Metafont parameterisation.
Mixing and matching PostScript fonts, Baskerville, volume 4, number 1
How to make the original 13 PostScript fonts in the LaserWriter look better together, by anamorphic scaling, and outline thickening.
Colour separation and PostScript, TUGBoat, volume 15, number 3
A description of DVISep, a simple colour separation program for TeX's DVI files. DVISep is part of DVIUtils.
If you want more information about LaTeX and packages for it, look at the LaTeX Navigator.
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