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Here are a few of my nicer photographs. They are mostly adjusted to be 1024 by 768 pixels, for using as backdrops on my monitor. Except where specified, all of these photographs are copyright (C) Angus Duggan, 1990-1998. Some of these pictures were taken during a motorbike tour around the north of Scotland and the outer Hebrides in 1990, others on trips to Sweden in 1995, Yosemite Valley (USA) in 1997, and Death Valley (USA) in 1998.

[Sunburst over water] A sunburst over water in the Uig area of Harris, in the outer Hebrides (87K JPEG).

[Blue-green water] Another shot from the Uig area, this one showing beautiful colours in the sea and sky (108K JPEG).

[Sandy beach] It may look like the Carribean, but it isn't. This gorgeous beach is at Balnakeil, in the far north west of Scotland. Cape Wrath is only a few miles away (72K JPEG).

[Broch] The Broch at Dun Carloway. A fine example of the ancient double walled defensive forts (125K JPEG).

[Standing stones] The standing stones at Callanish, on Lewis. One of the largest standing stone collections in Scotland (94K JPEG).

[Motorbike] The Honda XBR 500 motorbike on which I toured Scotland. Not a very powerful motorbike, but it had superb handling (114K JPEG).

[Crocodile and leg sculpture] My pet having a snack! (140K JPEG)

[Maltese country] Myself and a hired mountain bike, cycling round Malta in 1992. The bike was terrible, the gears broke in half a day's ride (150K JPEG).

[Eiffel Tower] An atmospheric shot of the Eiffel Tower. It wasn't supposed to come out like this, but I like it anyway (75K JPEG).

[Pike and me] ``The Pike.'' I caught this (approximately) 15lb pike on a trip to Sweden, on 6lb line. Landing it was interesting, since it was too big to fit in the net, and we didn't have a gaff (43K JPEG). This photograph is copyright (C) J. Smith, 1995.

[Pike and us] The fishing team; Trina, Ivan, myself and Nick (and the pike!). Nick caught more fish than anyone else on this trip, but I caught more weight of fish. In fact, this was the only fish I caught! (139K JPEG) This photograph is copyright (C) J. Smith, 1995.

[Pike for dinner] This is what happened to the pike; barbecued pike-steak with barbecued tomatoes and mushrooms. The unusual angle of the photo is because is was taken from the balcony of Trina's parent's summerhouse (36K JPEG). This photograph is copyright (C) J. Smith, 1995.

[Telescope peak and salt piles] Snow-capped Telescope peak viewed from the salt-covered floor of Death Valley (50K JPEG). This photo was from a road trip from San Francisco to Tucson and back.

[Coloured rocks in Golden Canyon] Coloured sediment layers in the rocks of Golden Canyon, Death Valley (81K JPEG). This photo was from a road trip from San Francisco to Tucson and back.

[El Capitan] El Capitan, in Yosemite Valley (35K JPEG). There were several parties of climbers on the rock face when I took this photo; they are not even visible at the resolution it was scanned at. The rock face is about 3000 feet high.

[North Dome] My brother Peter contemplates the view from North Dome across Yosemite Valley towards Half Dome (at right) (49K JPEG). We unfortunately only had a couple of days in Yosemite, I was very taken by it and by nearby Tuolumne meadows.

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