Archery Newsgroups Charter FAQ

Last-modified: 30 July 1996
Written by: Bill Blohm <>

Group Name:
Status:        Unmoderated
Distribution:  Worldwide
Summary:       All aspects of archery for archers of any skill level
Proposed by:   Bill Blohm <>


This is a discussion group for all aspects of archery. Welcome articles include traditional, compound, primitive archery, bow hunting and fishing, kyudo archery, discussions on bows, arrows, and other archery gear, advice and help for beginners, making your own archery equipment, historical and archeological archery topics, shooting tips, books, and anything that in some way deals with archery, bows and arrows, and related topics. This list is by no means exhaustive and only serves as a guide. Pointers to archery organizations and announcements of competitions or discussions of competitions or rules are welcome, too. Anyone with any interest in archery is free to post.

Advice to advertisers

Advertisements should be limited to private, non-commercial selling/buying of personal archery equipment or services. Commercial advertising is discouraged, but will be tolerated under these circumstances:


Archery is already discussed to some extent in, rec.hunting and, for example. But these groups are not dedicated to archery. alt.archery has been around for several years now, with a constant flow of traffic. I have only seen one day when there were no postings at all, and that was due to a server error. alt.archery currently averages 20 to 30 messages per day. Sometimes there are less, sometimes there are way more, it's almost seasonal.

The group is intended as a more widespread forum for such discussions as currently take place in the existing newsgroup alt.archery. More and more alt groups are being dropped from the locations where many of our regulars read alt.archery.

This is a section of the FAQ for alt.archery. It is maintained by me at the following e-mail address: Comments, flames, etc. on the FAQ are welcome and should be directed to me. Comments on the specifics of the section can be addressed to either me or the person responsible for this section. If addressed to me, I will forward them to the author of the section. If you wish to see this section cross-posted to another group, please e-mail me a request to do so. If I can access that group, then I will so cross-post whenever I post this section.

Terry Trier

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