Angus Duggan

This is a little information about myself. I am Scottish (and proud of it), being born and brought up in Glasgow. I went to University in Edinburgh, doing my degrees in Computer Science. (There is an excellent electronic tour of Edinburgh maintained by the Geography Department at the University.) I also worked as a System Administrator in that department for a while, with responsibility for printing and text formatting software. As a result, I became involved in the UK TeX User's group, and am the author of several LaTeX style files, and made a large contribution to the PLP printer spooling software.

I work for Harlequin in Seattle, WA, as the Harlequin RIP software architect. My work interests are in font design and digital rendering, typography, page layout and formatting, and I write PostScript code, PDF and PostScript language-compatible interpreters for a living.

My personal interests include archery, karate, reading books, drinking beer and whisky, mountain biking, and other outdoor pursuits, such as mountain climbing, cross-country and telemark skiing, fishing, motorbiking and canoeing and kayaking. I also write software when I have the time (which is not very often, unfortunately), and sometimes play the trumpet. I have a Private Pilot's License, and go flying as often as I can afford.

Here's what I looked like a few years ago:

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